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Why Choose Hikvision ?

What Is Hikvision?

Hikvision is a company that was established in 2001 and has since become the best manufacturer of innovative CCTV systems, Hikvision Cameras, Hikvision Intercoms and Hikvision Alarms. Hikvision produces a wide range of CCTV cameras and equipment, including IP cameras, HD analogue cameras, management and analytics software, Hikvison alarm systems and other assistive surveillance equipment. Hikvision continues to innovate by investing 8% of its annual revenue in research and development.

Benefits Of Hikvision CCTV


1.     Products Quality


When it comes to quality, Hikvision products are built to exceptionally high standards. The exteriors of the CCTV cameras are manufactured to be durable and withstand Australia weather conditions. At the same time, Hikvision continually employs innovative technologies to improve quality and their testing procedures, offering industry-leading products to the market. Ultimately, they judge their quality management by Hikvision customers’ satisfaction, since their goal is to meet customers’ requirements and solve their problems.


2.     Warranty


Most Hikvision products come with a standard 3-year warranty, but we know extra support on certain series is welcomed by customers. When purchased from a certified Hikvision partner, like us, Hikivsion CCTV systems come with a 3-year warranty for total peace of mind.


3.     Features

When we talked about Hikvision Camera features, Hikvision provides the best features such as Hikvision Acusense, Hikvision ColorVu, Hikvision IP PTZ, Hikvision PanoVu and Hikvision Solar Powered Series.

4.     Range of Choice Camera

Hikvision offers several choices when it comes to Hikvision CCTV cameras. Their range of cameras offers different types of lenses, cameras, megapixels and functionality which help you find a solution for your surveillance needs.

5.     Expandable


One of several benefits of Hikvision CCTV systems is that they are expandable which helps future proof your security system when you need to add extra Hikvision CCTV cameras in the future to fulfil premises.


6.     Remote Monitoring


Hikvision provides an up-to-date app to be able to control the Hikvision DVR which is supported by most devices including Apple and Android. The app allows users to view their CCTV remotely from any location with internet access.

7.     Easy to use

Data management becomes centralized and easy with Hikvision NVRs serve as a management hub for valuable data from various edge devices including access control, Hikvision alarm sensors, network, thermal, and solar-powered cameras, and more. 


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